Twitter…a useful rediscovery

It has been so long since I used twitter. When I first started the “scavenger hunt”, I felt like I was lost and was very slow due to the fact that I didn’t use twitter for a long time. But after a while, I got used to it and began to accomplish the tasks, which made me feel more confident while doing the activity.

Via Twitter, I was able to access many information in a short time from trusted and professional individuals that have a lot of knowledge about educational games. This makes it a successful educational game because the class had access to a lot of new information via the questions and the communication that we had with other people related to educational games. Also when we all used the same hash tags “#gameseg”, it grouped all the information related to educational game together and made it easier to be connected with the others.

I think that the fact that we had to use our mobiles in this activity grabbed our attention and made it interesting to our age group and more engaged in this activity, which made us grasp more information about educational games characteristics and variety. It actually made me think about the fact that we can transform any successful and addictive game into an educational one by adding an educational purpose. A good example of a successful and addictive game is “candy crush”, which we can make it educational by replacing the colors by numbers that must be added in order to progress in the game. I actually got the idea when I tweeted to one of the correspondents in the “scavenger hunt”.

We also had to take a photo of any item around us mysteriously by focusing on simple things from unusual and different angles. I was impressed by the fact that very simple objects can be hard to guess. I took the following photo:



However I would have loved if the activity was on a longer term in order to be able to communicate with a wider group of people in countries with different time zones.


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