Narrative game: step 1

After brainstorming my partner and I came up with a game named “AUC Freshmen Experience”. It is an educational game designed to help freshmen students throughout the first year of university. The purpose of this game is to help students be more familiar with the university campus and communicate other students because most of the freshmen students are lost in the beginning and have trouble communicating with new people. The game will be divided into multiple parts.

The first one will help students find any location that they desire through Google maps. In order to find any location the application will guide the student to find the nearest location to the desired one. And in order to win, the student will have to be in this location in a given time. Consequently, he will have to communicate with as many people on campus in order to arrive at his destination.


Therefore the game will inform the student of two locations rather than one and help him communicate with other people on campus in order to find the first location.

The game will also have a section by which students can be directly connected to PAL members in order to seek any help they want in any subject.


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