TED talk “Don’t as where i’m from, ask where i am local”

In this TED talk, I really like how the speaker Talaye Selasi proposed a three-step test to identify where people are really from. She calls them the three “R’s”: rituals, relationships, and restrictions. 

The three different concepts really explains how a person relates to a place regarding everyday rituals, the different relationships hat one has with others and why someone can’t stay in a place where he feels most comfortable.

If I tried it on myself I would say that I am 22 years old, my parents are Egyptians and born both in Egypt. i usually have lunch each Friday with my extended family and have to wear in respect to where I go. In the streets I have to wear more covering clothes to respect my culture.

I think that this definition brings a deeper understanding to the feeling of belonging that one has to a certain place more than simply referring someone to a certain place that was invented which shows that it hasn’t exist for long.


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