Digital literacy path


I am comfortable using tools to communicate and connect online, however when it comes to learning its really hard and i’m not even competent in a lot of softwares like Excel. Using excel has always been an issue with me. Also in terms of technology i’m comfortable using browsers as well as the basic softwares but when it comes to modifying main feature it requires help and training.

The article opened my eyes on the difference between digital skills and digital literacy. Digital literacy is more detailed as it focuses on why, when, who, and for whom. While digital skills focuses on why and how only. This allow us to be more aware of our level and where we stand in terms of using digital tools.

Bali explains how digital literacy allow real- world learning by making more meaningful tasks to enhance and benefit students learning by actually understanding how to use platforms. it educates students of the risks of putting information online and monitoring it.

Even with the presence of digital literacy i still believe that some people aren’t as  comfortable with it and won’t understand its skills.



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