Babysitting Egyptian Kids

Babysitting is part of my everyday routine because I have two little siblings. A six-year-old brother and a nine-year old and sister. I have a lot of patience, which makes me very good with kids. I also know how to entertain them and keep them busy for long periods of time.

As per your request, I will begin the four-hour babysitting session from 5 pm till 9 pm. During this period of time I planned to entertain them in several different ways. I learned from our interview that your two girls are into crafting, love using their hands and enjoy singing and dancing.

From 5 till 5:45: Crafting Session

During this time I prepared two activities first of which is painting with watercolors (because they are easy to wash) and using other crafting supplies such as glitter, glue, and stickers, which appeal to their preferences.

The second activity will be about making “sun catchers”: we start by cutting a hole in the paper plate, then we put a circle of contact paper, and then I let the kids pick out the flowers and place them on. Finally we add another layer of contact paper and hang them up.

These two activities will help develop their fine motor skills.

From 5:45 till 6: Prepare food

I start by washing then cutting the salad and then I let them assemble the vegetables. I know for a fact that they enjoy activities where they get to make things with their hands so I try my best to incorporate this within the different activities.

 From 6 till 6:15: Eating + Baking

During their diner time, I will take the time to bake cupcakes so they could decorate them later.

From 6:15 till 6:45: Decorating + eating cupcakes

I make sure to buy the cleanest ingredients possible in order to avoid highly processed food. I will let them decorate the cupcakes to try and bring out the creative side in them, which will enhance the stimulus of their mental faculties.

From 6:45 till 7: Letter Games

I will create a game using an empty wipes container, embellishing it with face features and write letters on bottle caps. Then I will pretend that the monster is hungry for letters and that he has to be fed. The trick is to get really into the character, in order to the game more appealing to them.

From 7:00 till 7:30: Baths

During this time, I will bathe them and show them that maintaining a good hygiene is not only a must it can also be fun.

From 7:30 till 8: Twister + Legos

During this part of day, I will work on their physical and mental coordination by suggesting games like twister and Legos that will also enhance their tendency to listen to instructions and improve their color recognition.

From 8 till 8:30: Singing + Dancing

I know the kids like to sing and dance, so I do my best to include the things they like during our time together. I also know they’re only allowed to use an electronic device once during day, so I try to combine both these things by letting them play games like “Just Dance” on the Wii for instance.

From 8:30 till 8:45: Puzzles

During this time I will let them solve a puzzle in order to help them simmer down after the previous activities. Solving puzzles also helps them develop hand-eye coordination and improve their memory.

From 8:45 till 9: Bedtime

Finally I will use these 15 minutes to let the kids settle in bed while I read them a bedtime story and wait for them to fall asleep.

I look forward to hear from you again,

With my best regards,





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